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What To Do If Movers Damaged Furniture

What To Do If Movers Damaged Furniture


Moving can be stressful enough, but when movers damage your furniture, it can turn a difficult process into an even bigger headache. If you’re dealing with a damaged piece of furniture, don’t panic! You have options to help get your furniture repaired and replaced. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to take if your furniture is damaged by movers so that you know what to do next. From taking photos of the damage to filing a claim with the moving company or considering legal action, we’ll cover all of your options to move forward with the best course of action for your situation.

Take Photos of Damaged Items

Taking photos of damaged items is essential to ensure that you can show proof of the damage for future reference. Documenting any damage immediately will help you prove your case if there’s a dispute about insurance coverage. Take pictures from multiple angles and in good lighting, capturing all the details that point to how and why the damage occurred. Take photos before and after the move to compare them side by side. Use a digital camera or smartphone for easy storage and sharing with your movers or insurance provider. Keeping all records in one place will make it easier to file a claim down the line.

Contact the Moving Company

Reach out to the moving company immediately – don’t wait! Negotiating compensation for damaged furniture is best done as soon as possible. Contact the moving company and review their policies regarding damaged items. It’s important to note what was damaged, how it happened, and when it occurred. You may need to provide proof of damage with photos or a video if necessary.

Damaged Item What Happened When Occurred
Couch Broken legs Moving Day
End Table Scratched top Loading Truck

Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Contact your homeowner’s insurance immediately; they can help cover the cost of any damaged furniture. After you have contacted the moving company, it is important to review what damages are included in your policy and seek advice from your insurer. Here are four steps you should take when dealing with a furniture damage claim:

  1. Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider immediately and provide details on the damaged items.
  2. Review your policy and understand which damages are covered under the terms of your agreement.
  3. Seek advice from an experienced claims specialist to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and accurately.
  4. Follow up with the moving company and insurance provider for updates on any progress made toward resolving the claim.

File a Claim with the Moving Company

Filing a claim with the moving company is essential to recovering compensation for any losses incurred during your move. Before hiring movers, review their service contracts and compare quotes. This can help you select a reputable mover who will care for your furniture. If something goes wrong, document the damage as soon as possible by taking photos or videos. Next, contact the moving company and file a claim. Explain what happened and provide evidence of the loss or damage caused by the movers. The company may require an itemized list of items damaged along with receipts or other documentation showing their value. Following these steps will ensure you receive appropriate compensation for damaged furniture from the moving company.

If the moving company fails to compensate you for any damages adequately, you may want to consider taking legal action. It’s important to negotiate a settlement before seeking other compensation or retribution. If the moving company refuses to offer you what is fair and reasonable, consulting with a lawyer may be your best option. A lawyer can help determine if there are grounds for a lawsuit and advise you on potential courses of action. It would help if you also considered filing complaints with relevant regulatory agencies as well as the Better Business Bureau to seek additional forms of compensation. Taking legal action can be expensive, so it’s important to weigh all your options carefully before deciding which route is best for you.


Don’t panic! If movers damage your furniture, take photos to document the damage and contact the moving company immediately. Your homeowner’s insurance may help, so contact them too. File a claim with the moving company and consider legal action if necessary. No matter what, you don’t have to go through this alone – take steps now to protect yourself and get your belongings taken care of!

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