How Much Do Removalists Cost Melbourne

How Much Do Removalists Cost Melbourne

Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. If you’re in Melbourne, hiring a removalist is one way to help make the process easier and less stressful. But how much does it cost? In this article, we’ll look at the average cost of a removalist in Melbourne, what factors affect their fees, and tips on how to save money when hiring one. We’ll also provide a checklist so that you can find the right professional for your move. So if you want to save time and money during your relocation, keep reading!

Overview of Removalists in Melbourne

You deserve a stress-free move, and the right removalist in Melbourne can help make that happen! With so many removalists, it’s important to do your research first. Start by reading online reviews and comparing customer service ratings. Once you narrow down your list of options, get estimates from at least three different companies. Ask questions about their services, and don’t hesitate to negotiate for the best price. You should also inquire about insurance coverage if something goes wrong during the move. Doing your due diligence now will ensure you find a reliable removalist who fits your budget.

Factors that Affect Removalist Costs

Considering the size of your move, several factors can influence the price of hiring a removalist. These include the number of items to be moved, packing materials required, and distance traveled by the removalists. Packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap are essential for safely transporting fragile items but can add to the overall cost. The amount of furniture or other bulky items will also affect how much it costs to hire a removalist in Melbourne. Lastly, the distance traveled is important in determining cost, as longer distances require more time and resources from the moving company. All these elements must be considered before choosing a removalist in Melbourne for your move.

Average Cost of a Removalist in Melbourne

The average price of hiring a removalist in Melbourne can vary but typically ranges between $50 – $100 an hour, depending on the size and scope of your move. You may also need to budget for packing supplies, moving insurance, and additional costs like parking fees. Here are some key things to consider when estimating the cost of a removalist:

  • The size of your home
  • The number of items that need to be moved
  • Any special services required, such as packing/unpacking or storage
    By considering these factors and shopping around for quotes, you can find the right removalist at an affordable rate.

Tips to Save Money When Hiring a Removalist

Planning and seeking discounts can help you save money when hiring a removalist. First, contact different removal companies to compare rates. Ask about any discounted rates they offer for early bookings or large-scale moves. Second, ask if the removal company provides packing materials such as boxes, padding, and tape; you can save money by sourcing your own instead of buying them through the removalist. Lastly, try to schedule the move during off-peak times like weekdays or winter months, often when removalists offer discounted rates. With some research and planning, you’ll surely find great deals when hiring a removalist in Melbourne!

Checklist for Hiring a Removalist in Melbourne

Before hiring a removalist in Melbourne, it’s important to make sure you have a checklist of everything you need to do. Ensure you know what packing supplies your items need and that they will arrive on time. Consider the size of your move and if it requires additional services like storage or packing. Determine if you want to be present during the move or if you’d rather leave the premises while the removalists do their job. Additionally, ask about any extra fees associated with moving and decide on a timeline for completing things. Remember to inquire about insurance coverage in case of any damage or loss of goods during transit. Taking these steps can help ensure that your move is successful and stress-free!


When hiring a removalist in Melbourne, many factors can affect the cost. Knowing the average cost and how to save money when hiring one can help you make an informed decision. Be sure to check reviews, ask for quotes from multiple companies, and create a needs checklist before making any final decisions. You’ll be glad you did!