How Do Movers Move Tvs

How Do Movers Move Tvs

Moving a TV can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right supplies and careful preparation, you can safely move your TV with help from a partner. All you need is patience and some basic instructions to make sure your TV is well-protected during the move. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of gathering supplies, preparing the TV for transport, loading it into the moving vehicle, unloading it at your new home, and more. Following these tips and using caution throughout the process ensures your television arrives safely at its new location!

Gather the Right Supplies

You’ll need the right supplies to move your TV safely – like a dolly, blankets, and tape. Packing materials like bubble wrap are essential for fragile items like TVs. Ensure you get enough packing materials to protect all sides of your TV. A good tip is to use a box that fits snugly around the TV so it doesn’t move while transported. Blankets are also important because they can provide extra padding on the packing materials. Use duct or masking tape to keep everything securely in place before moving it. Finally, ensure you have a dolly large enough to carry your television safely and easily from one location to another. With these supplies, your TV will be ready for its big move!

Prepare the TV for Moving

Now that you have gathered the right supplies, it’s time to prepare your TV for moving. First, disconnect all cables from the back of the TV and store them safely. Next, wrap your TV in furniture pads or bubble wrap to protect it during transit. Finally, secure the cushioning with packing tape so your TV is well-protected during its move.

Disconnect all Cables

Start by disconnecting all the cables from your TV. Before moving it, unplug everything and secure each end in a labeled bag or box. To ensure a smooth transition to your new home, use this table to keep track of which cables go where:

Port Description Location
HDMI HDMI cable TV & Receiver
AV Audio/Video Cable TV & Receiver
Optical Optical Audio Cable TV & Receiver

Organizing and labeling your cables will save you time when packing and unpacking at your new home. As a bonus, you can easily find the right packaging materials for each one. Additionally, following these simple loading tips will help you transport your TV safely and securely.

Wrap the TV in Furniture Pads

Wrapping your TV in furniture pads is the best way to protect it during the move. This will add an extra layer of protection to help prevent any damage during transportation. Here are some tips for properly wrapping and protecting fragile items:

  • Proper Packing:
    • Choose the right material – furniture pads or blankets should be used for large, bulky items like TVs.
    • Securely tie up cords and wires with zip ties or twine.
    • Tape all edges of each item together with packing tape to keep them from shifting.
  • Lifting Techniques:
    • Use proper lifting techniques when handling heavier items such as TVs.
    • Use a dolly or hand truck if possible so you don’t strain yourself lifting something heavy.
    • Have someone help if needed, and do not lift too high off the ground so you don’t risk dropping it!
  • Transporting Items:
    • Place the wrapped TV inside a box or crate for added protection while transporting it in a vehicle.
    • If traveling by plane, check with your airline first since most do not allow TVs over 50″ on board planes due to size restrictions.

Move the TV with a Partner

Grab a partner and lift the TV together – it’ll make moving it much easier. Secure straps around the TV to protect it from shifting during transport; you and your partner should lift the TV safely together. Keep your back straight when lifting, and use your leg muscles instead of your arms to bear the weight. Make sure to move slowly, as sudden jerks could cause the TV to break or damage. Additionally, having two people helps ensure that if one person slips or loses their grip, someone else can help maintain control of the television. Moving a heavy item like a TV is much easier with an extra set of hands!

Secure the TV in the Moving Vehicle

Once you’ve got a partner to help, securing the TV in the moving vehicle is your next step. To ensure its safety during transit, it’s important to use the right tools and packing materials:

  • Securing straps – These are essential for keeping your TV firmly in place as you drive your moving vehicle.
    • Choose strong straps that won’t snap or stretch too easily.
    • Ensure they’re securely fastened around all four sides of the TV before taking off.
  • Packing materials – To keep your TV safe from bumps and jolts during transport, wrap it in bubble wrap and thick blankets. This will provide cushioning against any sudden shifts while driving.
  • Lifting straps – When loading the TV into the vehicle, ensure you have a sturdy pair of lifting straps. This will allow you to safely hoist it up without causing damage or putting yourself at risk of injury.

Unload the TV Carefully

When unloading your TV from the moving vehicle, it is important to take care. Use furniture sliders whenever possible to ensure you don’t strain your back or drop the TV. Remember to use your legs rather than your back and arms when lifting the TV. Finally, place it on a flat surface for safety and security.

Use Furniture Sliders

Slide that TV with ease – furniture sliders make it a breeze! Furniture sliders can help you move your flat-screen TV without any damage. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to protect your expensive television while moving it from one place to another. Here’s how:

  • Renting Sliders:
    • Look for rental companies that offer furniture sliders. You may need to pay a small fee, but this is a much cheaper alternative than purchasing them outright.
    • Make sure the sliders are the right size for your TV before renting them out. This will ensure they fit securely and won’t slip off during the move.
  • Using Sliders:
    • Place the sliders under each TV corner and gently lift them. Ensure not to strain yourself or tug too hard on the television, which could cause damage.
    • Carefully slide the TV across smooth surfaces, like hardwood floors or carpets, until you reach your desired location safely.
  • Bubble Wrap Protection:
    • Once you have reached your destination, wrap some bubble wrap around the corners of your television as extra protection against scratches or bumps in transit.
    • Securely tape the bubble wrap so it doesn’t shift and provide extra cushioning for peace of mind during transport!

Lift with Your Legs

Always lift with your legs when moving heavy items like TVs – it’ll make the process much easier and less tiring! To stabilize balance, keep your body straight from head to toe. This will ensure you don’t twist or turn awkwardly while carrying the TV. When lifting, bend at your knees instead of at your waist. This will help prevent strain on your back and arms. As you rise, use the strength in your legs to carry the TV’s weight. Hold onto the sides or edges of the TV to remain balanced as you move it around.

Step Description Benefits
1 Keep body in straight line Stabilize Balance
2 Bend at knees instead of waist Prevent strain on arms & back
3 Rise up using leg strength Carry weight easily & safely

Place on a Flat Surface

Carefully place the TV down on a flat surface and enjoy the accomplishment! To ensure your TV is placed correctly, you’ll want to:

  • Secure straps around the television so it doesn’t slip or move during transport.
  • Make sure it’s even with the ground, and there are no jagged edges or bumps that could cause damage.
  • Position it in the center of the room, away from any external sources of heat or humidity.
  • Ensure all cables and connections are secure before moving to another step.
    Positioning correctly is key to getting your TV safely to its destination – make sure you take time to get it right!


You and your partner have done it! You’ve safely moved the TV with minimal effort. Now that you know how to move a TV, you’re fully prepared for your upcoming move. With the right supplies, preparation, and help from a friend, you can ensure your beloved television arrives at its new home undamaged. Now all that’s left is to settle in and enjoy the show! If you want to hire removalists contact cheap removalists.